The long period of lockdown is over! Uganda is gradually returning to normal everyday life.
No one knows how many people fell victim to the Corona pandemic. Only a few received vaccinations; many survived the disease, sometimes with very severe and long-lasting symptoms.
Unfortunately, this included our project-coordinator Mr Peter Owowri. Following long illness, his strength has now been restored and he is able to return to work.

He reports on Orthopaedic Centre "St Joseph":
Work in the centre is hard, many people had no income for the last months and are unable to contribute even small amounts towards their treatment.
Running costs continue, rent must be paid, licence fees, electricity bills, taxes and more.
Many orthopaedists are volunteers and use their own reserves to keep the centre open, while demand for prostheses and orthoses is undiminished.
Let us pull together to continue the vital work of the centre, providing patients with necessary prostheses, offering training in getting used to their new limbs and making return to employment and normal life following trauma a little bit easier.
The selfless workers of “St Joseph” deserve our utmost respect for their tireless efforts to improve medical care in their community and we want to support them as best as we can.
Every Euro will help, and we are grateful for every contribution!