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Our story so far...


The idea for the humanitarian relief project in Uganda was born during a veterinary workshop in Iganga, Eastern Uganda in September 2016.

The burning need for support in education and the medical care of victims of leprosy, accidents or landmines inspired Christine Montag to take action.

Back in Germany she started planning and looking for partners and supporters.

The idea of setting up a dedicated charity took concrete form.

In November the charity's statutes were drafted, and the charity was formally founded 17 December 2016, registration as a charitable organisation with Flensburg county court followed soon after.

Parallel to setting up the charity, orthopaedic and medical support material were organised, donated by Sanitätshaus Schütt und Jahn, Flensburg and Sanitätshaus Krämer, Niebüll and Husum and by friends and supporters.

Soon the first shipment of prosthetic legs, walking aids, splints and other medical material was ready to be sent to St. Joseph Community Orthopedic Health Center in Iganga.

Keen to seek collaboration with other organisations working in the orthopaedic sector the charity went into partnership with "ProUganda - Prothesen für ein neues Leben e.V.".

Equipment supplied to 'ProUgana' container packing station in Usingen destined for St. Joseph's Community Health Center:

Walking frames
2 sterilisers
1 mobile ultrasound scanners (donated by Tierärztlichen Gemeinschaftspraxis Dres. Montag und Seger in Risum-Lindholm)
1 grinding machine
Plaster bandages, light cast bandages, medical dressings
Prosthetic legs and accessory parts

Collaboration with Community Trans Nursery and Primary School Iganga was set up in December 2016.

In January 2017 this was formalised with Flensburg county court and charitable status was confirmed with the financial authorities.

The first general meeting was held 16 January 2017 and the next shipment of supplies for St. Joseph Community Orthopedic Health Center was organised:

1 ultrasound scanner (donated by Dachswaldklinik Stuttgart under leadership of Dr. Sven Reder) the necessary repairs were sponsored by Fa. Esaote and transport to the container packing station by medical transport service MTS-GmbH Speditionsfirma, Willich.

1 hot air sterilisator and various other medical aids (donated by Dr. Andreas Nissen, Süderlügum)

All medical supplies have now been sent to Uganda with the help of the ProUganda - Prothesen für ein neues Leben e. V. team. We are most grateful for their support and for their offer share their shipping container.

Together with "ennoni - Bildungsprojekte in Uganda e.V" we have now started planning the next steps to support the school in Iganga. We have been greatly helped by Pastor Günter Hirt, Head of "Lebenshaus-Uganda e.V. and Michaela Schraudt of "NEIA e.V." who were happy to share their experience of charity work in Uganda.

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Frequently asked questions:

1. Does my donation really arrive where it is needed?
    All our helpers are volunteers, we are present in Uganda and pay for our own flights and accommodation. There are therefore no additional 

    administrative costs.
    All money is going directly and 100% towards our projects.

2. How do you guarantee that the money benefits the people who need it the most?
    We visit regularly and all projects are planned and organised together with the local community and monitored by our local supporters 

    between our visits.

3. Will these projects become self-sufficient in the future without relying on German aid?
    All our projects are intended to build the necessary infrastructure so that they can support themselves within three to five years and should 

    thereafter no longer depend on external funding.

4. Isn't it all just a drop in the ocean?
    The ocean is made up of small drops.

5. Is my donation tax-deductible?
    The charity is registered as a charitable organisation and charitable donation certificates can be provided.