Community Trans Nursery and Primary School in Iganga


It's like coming home! How familiar is the city of Iganga, the neighbourhood where the school is located, the small sky blue wooden huts of the classrooms, the teachers, who have almost all returned despite a year and a half of lockdowns and, of course, the happy children! Florence, the headmistress, who since the corona death of her husband right at the beginning of the pandemic now leads the fortunes of the school alone with unshakable love for "her" children and unbroken zest for action, welcomes us radiant and energetic as always. A lot has happened in the meantime!


With her private money she bought land for the school after her husband's death. During the lockdown she and her children painstakingly manufactured bricks and started erecting the "permanent buildings", i.e. non-temporary buildings that the government demands as classrooms for private schools but without giving any support. A large part is already done and she proudly shows us the new buildings.


Hannah, a German intern who has been in Iganga for a year and will now support Florence in her work at school for another year under "PUC", has independently raised funds for a sports field and will soon start construction. She wants to expand the sports activities at the school to promote physical fitness and health as well as team spirit and increase the children’s enjoyment at school and in life in general through fun and games!


Thank you, Hannah, for your great work and a big Thank you to all the supporters who make it possible for us to present Florence with €1.000 (3.800.000 Ugandan Shillings) for the first quarter of 2023!


This secures our support for Florence in the future so that she can continue to run the school at an above-average level in terms of educational materials and creative opportunities for the children, as well as providing two meals a day for all pupils.


The children thank you! They are happy here and enjoy learning in the "Community Trans"!

Akili Junior Academy


In the north-east of the country in the Karamoja region, poverty is particularly bitter. As a result, the chances of an education, the basis for a self-determined life, are even lower compared to the rest of Uganda. Tirelessly, Vincent Obulengo tries to combat this with his Junior Academy, which he founded a few years ago. The children should not only receive a primary education, but also be given skills that can secure them and their families a small gainful employment. A holistic approach - urgently needed in this region.



The long and not entirely predictable journey had meant that we arrived in Soroti late in the day. The children had waited for hours to greet us. So great is their joy about the visit to their remote school! Crushing their poverty! Sparse the equipment of the school. What school furniture is available was financed by funds from PUC. Few parents can afford school fees, therefore the Academy has very limited funds to cover the teachers’ wages, let alone pay for further investments. The teachers do a fantastic job - often without getting paid in time!

And so the children are enthusiastic about school which not only gives them an education but also a sense of belonging, fun and friends!


That also explains their emphatically stated wish for the next visit: footballs!

The joy of playing together really helps brightening up their often dreary lives.

We would like to contribute to this!


Thanks to the great support of our donors and sponsors, we were able to present Vincent Obulengo with 2,000,000 Ugandan Shillings for his Junior Academy! This is fantastic and we thank all supporters!

We'll have the footballs in our suitcases next time!!