There was much to do during our latest visit at TOKA Animal Care in Iganga. In a team meeting veterinaries from the various districts supported by TOKA reported on their tasks and challenges:
Foot and mouth disease is again spreading amoung the herds of cattle
Various viral diseases threaten the flocks of sheep and herds of goats of smallholder farmers
Herds need to be protected against parasite infections
Acute illnesses threaten the lives of animals.

In order to treat the diseases, the necessary medication needs to be provided. Together with the Ugandan team members we carried out a stock take of the pharmacy.

Many acute situations were solved through the work of the well trained and experienced veterinary team with the help of essential equipment provided by PUC.

Visiting the herd that had been vaccinated against the dangerous East Coast Fever (ECF) at St. Francis Hospital in Buluba by the TOKA team last year showed: all animals are healthy! The vaccines provided by PUC had successfully protected the animals against the often deadly disease. Thanks to the additional de-worming treatment and mineral supplements all animals are well and in good health, and producing enough milk to supply the hospital. There is even a surplus, which is sold at the local market generating an additional income for further hospital treatments.

Healthy Animals - Healthy Humans!

Thanks to all PUC supporters, whose donations made these achievements possible

Throughout the first few years of our cooperation with Ugandan veterinaries and paravets we jointly devised training programs for local veterinaries and farmers. This year TOKA Animal Care organised their own workshop independently for the first time, with PUC only providing advice and financial support.

In Namutumba the TOKA team is already well know and highly regarded for their competence and successful collaboration with the local farmers. Over 40 men and women whose livelihood directly depends on the health of their livestock attended the workshop. They were all keen to learn about treatment and prevention of illnesses, necessary vaccines and the best care for their animals.

The TOKA team shared their knowledge through a series of lectures, question and answer sessions and lively discussions.
PUC did not only support the event financially but also provided a hearty lunch for all participants.


Our warmest thanks to all our supporters!

Exchanging experience and knowledge, as well as raising awareness, are most important to improve the health and wellbeing of farm animals and to secure the lives of the farmers who depend on the survival of their livestock.

2020 started with a terrible shock for TOKA Animal Care. Our Ugandan colleague Stephen Tigawalana was severely injured in a car accident. Dr Tigawalana is a specialist for East Coast Fever (ECF) and has been enthusiastically passing on his extensive knowledge to young veterinaries through many TOKA lectures and courses organised by PUC.

He suffered a complicated fracture of the pelvis and had to have an emergency operation to save his leg. He was transferred from the local hospital to Jinja, but even there they were not able to help him and he had to be sent to a specialist unit in Kampala.
We received an overwhelming wave of donations and messages of support, that enabled us to arrange the necessary operation and follow-up treatment in time.

Only a few days later Stephen Tigawalana was taking his first steps and he hopes that he will be able to walk unaided within the next few weeks.

TOKA animal care - where animals mean life

TOKA animal care is a newly founded association of veterinaries and community animal health workers.

Its aim is to provide healthcare for farm animals and pets in the Bulanga area (between Iganga and Jinja) to guarantee animal heath which is vitally important to secure the livelihood of the local farmers.

Here, where animals mean life, we support the work of TOKA animal care to protect herds of livestock that help to provide for farmers and their families.

Veterinary care, which in some cases is offered free of charge, also includes vaccinating dogs against rabies.

In order to ensure long term stability we provide information programmes about infectious diseases to improve animal health. Thus we help minimising the risk of illness and epidemics which could also be a threat to humans.

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1. Does my donation really arrive where it is needed?
   All our helpers are volunteers, we are present in Uganda and pay for our own flights and accommodation. There are therefore no

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2. How do you guarantee that the money benefits the people who need it the most?
    We visit regularly and all projects are planned and organised together with the local community and monitored by our local supporters    

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3. Will these projects become self-sufficient in the future without relying on German aid?
    All our projects are intended to build the necessary infrastructure so that they can support themselves within three to five years and should 

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4. Isn't it all just a drop in the ocean?
    The ocean is made up of small drops.

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