It is hard for Shadrob Junior School on Lowle Island. Not only is poverty on the island much greater than on the mainland in the rest of Uganda, the sanitary conditions are catastrophic, the HVI infection rate and crime on the island are disproportionately high, there are also hardly any prospects for the young generation on Lolwe Island as a source of income apart from fishing. However, due to the sale of fishing rights by the government to foreign corporations, the locals have lost this source of income and the only alternative left for many is illegal fishing to keep the family afloat, and this is prohibited with military control. A vicious circle for many! With our cooperation, we are giving hope to many people on the island! Overjoyed, the headmistress Robinia received the first 1,000.00€ that PUC was able to provide for her school.

This allowed her to fence off the school grounds - very important to protect the small, freshly planted school garden for growing vegetables to improve the children's diet from being eaten by the goats running around everywhere (The goats were able to hatch through the old fence and eat the young plants). In addition, the teachers of the school received a small subsidy to their meagre salary, the children could be provided with warm porridge. Now, thanks to PUC's donation, there are also dishes at the school! and on special days even a small lunch consisting of posho (corn porridge) and beans.

But then disaster struck: one of the violent storms that often sweep across Lake Victoria tore down the roof of the school. Financial resources, which were intended as a reserve for the purchase of school materials, a laptop and for the long-term provision of food for the students, had to be used for roof repairs.

Another goal is the construction of a latrine for the more than 80 students and their teachers. So far, there is only a provisionally enclosed pit.
We hope for your support to continue to give the school the chance to provide the island’s children with an appropriate education and at least basic sanitation.