The long period of lockdown is over! Uganda is gradually returning to normal everyday life.
No one knows how many people fell victim to the Corona pandemic. Only a few received vaccinations; many survived the disease, sometimes with very severe and long-lasting symptoms.
Unfortunately, this included our project-coordinator Mr Peter Owowri. Following long illness, his strength has now been restored and he is able to return to work.

Herewith his report on TOKA Veterinary Community:
With the end of hard lockdown, members of TOKA Animal Care were able to reopen the shop.
The sale of medication provides a basic income; however, that is not enough to cover the costs of rent, electricity, licence fees and taxes.
Last year members had to contribute from their own limited funds, just to cover the rent.
Chasing payments from farmers and local veterinaries who collect medication for their animals is difficult.
Many were without income during the last few months, business is slow, and most people are now much poorer than before the pandemic.
PUC will support TOKA with a start-up-booster to get back into business.
For this year our main objective is to concentrate on offering business management advice; after having built up the veterinary cooperative's medical expertise in the past.
Once a sustainable business model has been established, we aim to hand over management to the local team.
Community Animal Health Officer Paul Kasambeku has been a TOKA members from day one and is one of the most active in Namutumba, providing animal care even under the most difficult conditions during the pandemic.