We recently posted materials that were unavailable in Uganda to the Orthopedic Centre and were able to take sponsored prostheses, bandages, orthopedic shoes and aids and much more when we visited in February.

Every Euro helps and we are most grateful for any contribution!

The workshop at St Joseph Community Orthopedic Health Centre has been very busy! Word of Mr Angatai's and the orthopedic centre's excellent work has been spreading far beyond Iganga. More and more people travel long distances to seek their expert help which is also affordable to poorer members of the community. We are very happy that through our support we can contribute to the centre's vital work.

Your donations raise funds to acquire necessary materials for prosthetic devices. Please continue to help us to get people with deformities or who lost limbs through accidents back on their feet.

Mr Angatai started making prosthetic limbs for amputees in the middle of the bush.

The team at St. Joseph Orthopedic Health Center are now in the process of building a more centrally located Centre in the city of Iganga. Demand for orthopaedic treatment exceeds supply by far.

There are still a large number of victims of leprosy, landmines and frequent traffic accidents. Currently the number of victims of the civil war in South Sudan is increasing rapidly.

Meanwhile Mr Angatai's colleagues together with Muwanga Sulaiman, a young orthopaedist, opened a new workshop in the nearby city of Iganga. Here they would like to use modern technology and there is no lack of enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge, but that is not enough.

The state does not provide health care, public subsidies for prosthetic devices are nearly non-existent and the mainly poor disabled cannot afford to pay for prostheses themselves. Expanding the prosthetics workshop in Iganga, which is vitally important to support the physically disabled and helps them overcome unemployment and isolation, cannot be achieved without foreign support.

Our goal is to supply material for the manufacture of prostheses, medical supplies, such as walking aids, walking frames, wheel chairs, and medical consumables such as bandages and plaster. Goods are sent by container, which is not cheap.

St. Joseph Orthopedic Health Center offers free medical care for the children of the local community. Income from orthopaedic services will help to make the Centre economically viable, so that it can operate without foreign financial support in the future.

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Frequently asked questions:
1. Does my donation really arrive where it is needed?
   All our helpers are volunteers, we are present in Uganda and pay for our own flights and accommodation. There are therefore no

   additional administrative costs.
   All money is going directly and 100% towards our projects.

2. How do you guarantee that the money benefits the people who need it the most?
    We visit regularly and all projects are planned and organised together with the local community and monitored by our local supporters    

     between our visits.

3. Will these projects become self-sufficient in the future without relying on German aid?
    All our projects are intended to build the necessary infrastructure so that they can support themselves within three to five years and should 

    thereafter no longer depend on external funding.

4. Isn't it all just a drop in the ocean?
    The ocean is made up of small drops.

5. Is my donation tax-deductible?

The charity is registered as a charitable organisation and charitable donation certificates can be provided.